MINI Reveals Augmented Reality Eyewear with X-Ray Tech

Mini’s Augmented Vision Goggles display information visible only to the wearer. They can used both inside the car and out. The new MINI Augmented Vision glasses not only look like aviation goggles, they will potentially be able to interface with future MINI cars and drivers.

“We are proud to have helped develop a breakthrough augmented reality interface between eyewear and the automobile,” says Jay Wright, Vice President, Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc. “MINI Augmented Vision offers a compelling example of what’s possible today, and what we can expect in the future.”

Designed with Qualcomm technology to revolutionize the display dashboard, MINI’s streamlined augmented reality (AR) glasses will put relevant information into the wearer’s field of vision and can be useful even before one gets in the car. If (and when) it gets put into production, the product will display navigational information, your speed, points-of-interest along your route, and a visual SMS messaging alert icon with a playback option. It will also be able to help you park and even allow you to see through parts of your car.150410131157-mini-augmented-reality-goggles-780x439

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