Washington Waterfront Homes

When you think of Washington State, most people conjure up visions of Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks and the high tech sector that makes Seattle the number one technology hub in the US.  To those who call Washington home, this infrastructure affords an opulent lifestyle along side some pristine waterfront.

Washington State is home to some of the worlds most beautiful waterfront shoreline.  The west side of Washington state borders the Pacific Ocean with hundreds of miles of water frontage and some amazing waterfront homes throughout the San Juan Islands.  Throughout Washington state you’ll also find an array of Lakes and Rivers, each offering a unique selection of waterfront homes.

The Puget Sound is home to 172 islands in San Juan County.  The waterfront homes available among the San Juan Islands range from rustic cabins to multi-million dollar estates.  Only 4 of the Islands are serviced by the Washington State Ferry system, Orcas Island, San Juan Island, Lopez Island and Friday Harbor.  Each of the Islands offer a scenic waterfront experience for the homes located there including sandy beaches, pebble beaches and high bluff views.

Lake Washington is the largest freshwater lake in Washington, and is located adjacent to Seattle and Bellevue.  Mercer Island waterfront is situated at the middle of the lake. Washington is known for it’s abundant rain and clean water that contributes to the 29 lakes of 1000 acres in surface area, and many smaller lakes within the state.  These bodies of water provide prime waterfront home locations for recreation and year around living.

There are 14 main rivers that feed into the Puget Sound for those prefer a waterfront home along the crystal clear waters of a rushing river.  There are hundreds if not thousands of miles of scenic river waterfront that also enjoys the diverse natural beauty of rugged mountains, high desert or thick forests.  The largest of these rivers include the Columbia River, Snake River and Yakima River.  Washington waterfront homes along these waterways enjoy not only the beauty, but also the abundance of fish for anglers.

The average annual precipitation in Washington state is 27.66 inches with the majority of this rain falling on the western part of the states waterfront homes.  This is a mixed blessing that keeps the water water frontage and air clean and fresh, but tends to slow down the outdoor recreation on the water.  Much of the annual rainfall accumulates within the months of Oct. – April and leaves the summer mostly sunny and warm for fun.  Many of waterfront homes are second homes reserved for summer fun while toughing out the winters in a warmer and dryer climate like Arizona.  For the locals of Washington fleece and waterproof jackets are staples of their daily wardrobe.


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