PARIS HILTON DOGparis-hilton-dog-mansion


by Adriene Fern

The evolution of classic pet owners to pampering pet parents began when heiress Paris Hilton began toting around a petite perpetual puppy dressed in coordinating colors. Since those first house-breaking days of shock and awe, seeing a pooch in purse (Vuittons and Gucci customlined in wee wee pads) as the latest fashion accessory, celebrity influence and affluence have taken pet ownership beyond Benji and Beethoven.

Pampered celebrity pets lead the pack in Burberry, Gucci and Coach dog collars, while some more affluent pet parents choose diamond custom collars by La Collection de Bijoux. These “bark”ish baubles start at a mere $150,000 and as high as $3.2 million. Recently, celebrity fashion model and ex-wife of rocker Rod Stewart, splurged on sending her dog into the dog house, with her purchase of a pedigree palace, for only $15,000, while Paris paid $325,000 for her replicated mansion with chandelier for her precious pup.

The affluent puppy parents are also known to spend lavishly on grooming, thinking nothing of ‘paw’dicures and Evian drawn baths on a weekly basis. The resplendent doggie lifestyle is also complimented with fresh daily meals prepared by their personal chef. Sound like champagne wishes and canine dreams….Oh the lifestyle of the rich and ruff ruffs.

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