Miami’s Famous River Seafood & Oyster Bar is Moving


One of Miami’s most loved restaurants in the Brickell area will be moving to a new location next year. Residents of the rapidly transforming Brickell have come to love River Seafood & Oyster Bar since it’s opening in 2003. It is one of the areas most popular eateries and any night of the week it’s always packed with the quintessential Brickell crowd drawn by the restaurants delectable menu and affordably delicious happy hour.

River Seafood & Oyster Bar is not moving just yet, but by the first quarter of 2015 the restaurant will be on the ground floor of one of Melo Group’s latest real estate developments. Flagler on the River will be a 250-unit mixed-use condominium tower located on the Miami River. Melo Group hopes to attain two other restaurants besides the Oyster Bar to include on the ground floor of the tower.

River Oyster Bar will not be far from their current location, but it will no longer be in walking distance for many living in the heart of Brickell. As of now, the entire block that Oyster Bar and famous Miami bar Tobacco Road call home, is engulfed by the massive construction of Brickell City Centre,which will soon be one of Downtown Miami’s biggest attractions. Yet despite the colossal construction across the way, the venues have not been negatively affected.

The relocation of the restaurant may come as an upset to many Brickell residents. Because of increasing real estate value, leasing has become almost impossible for up-and-coming restaurants, which usually have the best and most unique offerings. As of now, only chain restaurants or high-end venues can afford to stay in the area, leaving the dining scene bleak for many local residents. It is unfortunate that many will have to resort to driving in order to reach better dining options. Hopefully this will not be so true in the near future, as the culture and urban living environment in downtown is improving for the better. There are more people both living and working in the area than ever before making it a truly metropolitan experience.

No specific date has been set for the relocation of the 80-seat restaurant, but the location has been officially chosen for 340 W. Flagler St., which is relatively close to the current location. There is still plenty of time to get your oysters in before they make the move, so get shucking.

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