summer hat selections

Hats are a perfect way to top off your look in the summer.  Not only do they protect you from the summer heat, the right hat for your outfit can dramatically enhance your appearance.  Choose a boater, paired with a lightweight white or floral print top, with some cut up jeans for an airy, without a care outfit.  Adorn your head with a beret, matched with a graphic print skirt, with a suit jacket over a button down shirt to produce a sophisticated, independent, academic Paris feel.  When selecting a hat, make sure that it correlates to the color-way of your look and improves your appearance.  Try to pick one that is different than the norm.  You never know what a trilby, panama, or schoolboy will do for a dress or a suit.  Whichever type of hat you choose to crown your head, it will be a seamless transition from ordinary to astonishing for your ensemble this season.

-Shakitah Howard

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