Concept Home Based on Audi’s Logo

Concept Home Based on Audi’s Logo

Meet Ringhouse, an Architect’s Stunning Concept Home Based on Audi’s Logo

Polish architect Karina Wiciak is renowned for creating concept homes inspired by famous logos. Having already tackled Chevrolet, Adidas, Renault and Mitsubishi, the designer has penned a brand new Audi abode.

“Ringshouse” brings together a quartet of cylinders to create a monolithic design that’s a dead ringer for the marque’s iconic badge. Developed in 1932, this ring emblem symbolizes the unification of four previously independent automotive manufacturers—Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer—who joined forces to create Audi AG.

Beyond the circular logo, the concept also takes design cues from Audi’s century-long legacy and the architectural features that were popular during the automaker’s initial heyday. The corner-averse creation combines raw concrete, large planes of glass and rounded walls and windows.

The front façade of the 3,000-square-foot structure is made of ginormous glass windows to afford unobstructed views of the expansive front-yard pool and let in plenty of natural light. The expansive home is set across one level, with an underground garage and utility rooms underneath.

Similar to the previous designs, Wiciak has incorporated high ceilings and an open layout to encourage a natural flow and that all-important feng shui. Separated by glass walls, the floor plan sees a main corridor and lounge room, a dining room with a requisite grand piano, a well-appointed kitchen with high-end appliances, a study, library, two bedrooms with ensuites, plus an additional three baths.

While the concrete interiors create something on an industrial feel, the design is balanced by warm wood accents throughout. Meanwhile, lush greenery and large-scale contemporary art also add lively color to the space.

At the moment, the Ringshouse, along with Wiciak’s previous logo-inspired abodes, are just concepts and not yet livable homes. Still, her unique designs are a clever way to pay homage to both brands and our architectural history. May we suggest a crown-shaped Rolex palace next?


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