Electric-jet Surfboard is like the Tesla Roadster of the Seas

Electric-jet Surfboard is like the Tesla Roadster of the Seas

Powered by an electric-jet this surfboard is like the Tesla Roadster of the seas

The world is slowly starting to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, with many parts of the globe gradually easing off lockdown measures. What that means is you don’t have to wait too long before you can go out and have some adrenaline-filled outdoor fun without guilt or being scared of the virus. A watersports startup called YuJet has just the thing for you in case you’re a surfing enthusiast. And guess what! It doesn’t need waves either. The electric jet-powered surfboard is just as much fun on flat water; so no more boring stand-up paddling on calm water days. The YuJet Surfer Electric Jetboard is fully electric brings the power of a jetski to a surfboard. “We’ve worked for years to create a product that can propel powered water sports forward,” said Jeremy Schneiderman, Co-Founder of YuJet. “Our first product to market, the YuJet Surfer, is the culmination of our passion, our experience, and our vision for the future. We wanted to make a product that was easy to ride for every skill level and could deliver the thrill of surfing in just minutes. We cannot wait for everyone to experience the excitement of the ride.”


The company says the YuJet Surfer takes just five minutes to learn. It comes with a wireless remote control which can be used to adjust and fine-tune speed using the variable speed trigger. Think of it as the boosted board for zips on water. The electric jet-powered surfboard is made of carbon fiber that makes it incredibly light. It weighs just 20lbs with the battery removed. According to YuJet, the surfboard has a range of 16 miles and can be operated for 40 minutes on a single charge. The electric propulsion unit is not on quiet and environment-friendly, it generates enough thrust to power the surfboard to a top speed of 24mph. How about that! And it also requires very little maintenance; a simple spray of fresh water after a ride is enough. If you want one for yourself, the YuJet Surfer Electric Jetboard can be yours for $9,999 and is available for shipping worldwide immediately from the US.

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