Very few have visited these Paradise islands

Very few have visited these Paradise islands

Our world is filled with beautiful holiday destinations that you may have never heard of. Get to know some of the stunning places on earth you may need to add on your travel bucket list.


This island nation located in the South Pacific comprises no less than 83 islands, where little more than 250,000 inhabitants live. Thanks to its limestone floor and its volcanic origin, many of the islands have beautiful “blue holes” that have become a magnet for diving enthusiasts in turquoise waters. One of the best known is the “blue hole” of Nanda on the island of Santo. Despite being a relatively unknown place, Vanuatu has a lot to offer: active volcanoes (one of the most famous is on the island of Tanna), cultural and sporting events, festivals and many places to practice immersion among which there are remains of several shipwrecks. And, not to forget its crystal clear waters and the white sandy beaches with palm trees.

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands, also located in the South Pacific, are probably one of the most famous islands on this list of little-known islands. Composed of a total of 15 and with a total population of 20,000 people, each island has a unique style. The island of Aitutaki, for example, is known as the “Honeymoon Island” and Atiu has the nickname “Enuamanu”, which could be translated as “Land of Birds”.  Paradise is in the Cook Islands.


With about 2,000 visitors a year, this island state often sneaks into the lists of least visited countries in the world every year. Although there are few tourists around here, the nine Tuvalu atolls offer all kinds of attractions, from water sports to traditional dance classes. The locals have created a relaxed and comfortable environment in which haste does not take place. Something that contrasts with the threat that the islands of Tuvalu face in the face of the inexorable rise in sea level. If you really want to immerse yourself in another culture and you don’t feel like going to a more remote place, Tuvalu will love you.

Solomon Islands

Right next to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands has about 500,000 inhabitants, spread across many islands. If you go through the area, take advantage of exploring Kiribati, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, which are not too far away. If you go on vacation to the Solomon Islands you can look up and enjoy a horizon of azure blue waters, white sand beaches and palm groves that sway in the wind. Everything is possible here, so don’t miss them.



The idyllic Republic of Kiribati, with about 100,000 inhabitants, is in the Pacific Ocean and is one of the least visited countries in the world. Perhaps for being in a remote place and lacking good connections. If you dare to venture, you will be rewarded with a dream experience. In the 33 islands of Kiribati (of which only 21 are inhabited and all have their own culture) there are many places of tourist interest and if you like surfing or diving you will be in luck. One of the things that stands out most about this island state is that they have managed to preserve their culture very well and have not (yet) been invaded by mass tourism. An ideal place to recharge batteries!


Sao Tome and Principe

The second smallest African country, after the Seychelles, is about 250 kilometers west of the coast of Gabon. Sao Tome and Principe was historically connected with Portugal and is still a good place for a holiday under the shade of a palm tree on the beach. When you get tired of roasting yourself in the sun you can always take a walk through the colorful capital full of museums, galleries, delicious food and smiles. This archipelago is also known as “the chocolate islands” since the early twentieth century because Sao Tome was the largest producer of this dark delight at the time. Still today you can see the process of making the sweet delicacy.



This small island country should not be confused with the Dominican Republic, although both have beautiful beaches. In Dominica there are barely 70,000 lucky people who have the great luck of waking up every day in front of its lush landscapes. The green island is ideal to explore it calmly and discover step by step its celestial waterfalls, its lush vegetation, its volcanoes and small cities full of life and entertainment. If hiking is not your thing, do not worry. The list of activities to do in Dominica is long and goes from the descent of ravines to the descent by river boat.



Right next to the Federated States of Micronesia is the magical Palau with its myriad islands. Here the colors acquire a new level of intensity and you can enjoy shades of intense green and deep blue that will make you feel as if you were in paradise. Visit beautiful waterfalls, dive in its colorful underwater world or explore its curious coastline by kayak. Simply beautiful!


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