A $5 billion megaresort is being built on a set of 6 outrageously themed islands

A $5 billion megaresort is being built on a set of 6 outrageously themed islands

If asked to choose your most favorite place on our planet would you answer that question correctly? How can one choose Switzerland over Sweden or Venice instead of Germany? Which is why, we have an answer that comes from the bottom of our hearts- The Heart of Europe, Dubai. This ambitious project based on six islands brings together the best of Europe and makes the world smaller and so much better. This $5 billion tourism island by Kleindienst Group is located 2 miles from the coast of Dubai. This megaproject can accommodate as many as 16,000 tourists in the height of travel luxury bringing the absolute best of European cultural, dining, and hospitality experiences across multiple resorts, cafés, bars, boutiques, and entertainment. The mainland is far from completion but our hearts reside with the Heart of Europe islands which will be completed at top speed by the end of 2020. The Heart of Europe consists of, Sweden Beach Palaces, Germany Villas, Honeymoon Island, Portofino Hotel, and Côte d’Azur Resort. To see the magic that will unfold in the second half of this terrible year we have a slew of wonderful images that will deeply impact our impending travel plans.

A $5 billion megaresort is being built on a set of 6 outrageously themed islands

Germany Island boasts of beachfront villas, Bauhaus inspired lagoon villas, and a whole lot of fun that was exclusive to Germany. Guests can experience it all right from German carnivals, Christmas markets, festivals, and the famous Oktoberfest right in Dubai.

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The Sweden Island gets you 10 waterfront, four-story palaces in addition to waterfront homes, equipped with a gym, sauna, and snow room and the best of all a glass-roofed party room at the top. The gastronome in you can look forward to some savory evenings filled with sour herring, meatballs, Raggmunkar, toast Skagen, smörgåsbord, Snaps, and Glὃgg.

A seven-star wedding hotel

A seven-star wedding hotel, Seahorse Floating Villas, makes this unique heart-shaped Maldivian inspired island also known as St Petersburg Island, a home for romance and the romantic. Weddings and honeymoons are both taken care of in these $5 million villas that are ideal to celebrate the union of two souls overlooking white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Each villa’s party piece is the large acrylic window in its underwater bedroom, with views of the Arabian Gulf.

Venice Island

What about Venice Island isn’t enchanting? Four decks of utmost luxury with one deck offering an inimitable submerged floor complete with an underwater lobby, bedrooms, and restaurants bringing to you the most panoramic views of oceanic life. It is the world’s first underwater resort with gondola transportation, yacht club, an underwater spa experience, and entertainment galore. You can expect anything from masked carnivals to opera performances.

No Europe can be complete without a Switzerland. This area takes inspiration from the large luscious lakes of Switzerland. With unbeatable water views and access to the most pristine beaches, this place looks every bit chaste as Switzerland. There’s a large blue water lagoon in the center of the island; the chalets look inviting with timber, stone, and glass designs.

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The Côte D’Azur Resort will bring the whole of south France here (Monaco, Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez). These city-inspired boutique hotels will contain 839 suites and deluxe apartments.

Monaco Côte D’Azur Resort

Monaco Côte D’Azur Resort will win hearts forever with upscale contemporary décor, high-end fashion boutiques, and a large white sandy beach. Lavish lagoon swimming pools and a replica of the famed Monaco Marina seal the deal for us.

Like the original Portofino fishing village on the Italian Riviera coastline, this vivid resort is the first five star family-only hotel in the United Arab Emirates. It impresses guests with colorful terracotta buildings, extraordinary hanging garden with 31,000 plants, Olympic size pool with underwater performances and Kids Club. it has enough entertainment for a family with several amenities like 489 Princess and Queen Suites, 514 aquariums and 6 Italian restaurants and bars.

A ‘Ladies Club’ spa facility has been outlined as part of the Portofino Resort. It is a woman’s only social lounge and spa, where you can engage in some chatter while enjoying a relaxed time.


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