Off The Beaten Track: 7 Of The Most Remote Listings On Airbnb

One key travel trend for 2020 is space, and plenty of it. As travellers look towards the summer, many people are skipping bigger cities in favour of far-flung countryside getaways. These remote listings on Airbnb will ensure you have all the solitude you need, while still enjoying a peaceful break.

The Most Remote Listings On Airbnb: 


1. Skypod (Calca, Peru)

These incredible transparent pods literally hang off the side of a mountain in Peru’s Sacred Valley, outside Cuzco. Staying at the Skylodge involves a climb or a hike with ziplines. Not suitable for anyone with a fear of heights!

Off The Beaten Track: 7 Of The Most Remote Listings On Airbnb


2. Glamping (Merzouga, Morocco)

Experience the nomadic Berber way of life by staying in these traditional tents made from camel hair. You’ll also enjoy traditional food and music thanks to the hospitality of Mohammed and his family. With no fixed address you’ll need GPS coordinates to find your way there.

Glamping (Merzouga, Morocco)


3. Cabin (Longyearbyen, Svalbard)

Located between Norway and the North Pole, known for its rugged and frozen terrain, and home to polar bears, Svalbard is one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas. In winter, it’s a great place to see the Northern Lights, while summer brings 24-hour daylight. This home provides great views and a perfect base from which to explore this arctic landscape.

Cabin (Longyearbyen, Svalbard)


4. Yurt (Orkhon Valley, Mongolia)

This traditional Kazakh Ger has embroidered Kazakh decorations covering the walls and ceilings and is heated by a wood-burning stove that is also used for cooking. The ger is located at the heart of beautiful Orkhon Valley and right near the Orkhon river. You will see and experience the unique lifestyle of herders.

Yurt (Orkhon Valley, Mongolia)


5. Homestay (Pitcairn Island)

Could this be the most remote Airbnb on Earth? Pitcairn Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, between New Zealand and Peru. According to its most recent census, Pitcairn Island is home to 50 citizens, nearly all of whom are descendants of the famous mutiny of the Bounty in 1790.

The host is the entire community of Pitcairn, with a choice of 13 local homes to choose from. Getting to Pitcairn is an adventure in itself, involving two nights on a cargo ship that only visits Pitcairn a handful of times throughout the year.

Homestay (Pitcairn Island)


6. Casita (Puerto Ayora, the Galápagos Islands)

Off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands are famous for their diversity of plant and animal species, many found nowhere else. Charles Darwin visited in 1835 and his observations inspired his “On the Origin of Species.” Superhosts Tatjana and Dustin welcome guests at Casita Muyuyo, a cosy home located very close to the start of the trail for Tortuga Bay.

Casita (Puerto Ayora, the Galápagos Islands)


7. A fare (Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands)

This comfortable ‘fare’ (house in Maori) is nestled in the Marquesas Islands, made famous by painter Paul Gauguin, who’s buried there. The setting remains wild and beautiful, untouched by pollution. Guest reviews praise the home’s sweeping ocean and mountain views, with spectacular sunrises.

A fare (Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands)



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