Beyonce and Jay Z bought Biggies Crown for their Daughter

Anyone that is a fan of Notorious B.I.G. knows about his famous plastic crown that was sold at auction last year for $ 600,000. This is the same crown the royal couple bought for their daughter.

The original price of this crown is actually six dollars! Beyoncé and Jay-Z reportedly bought this crown for their daughter Blue Ivy, who was seen with it on her head, celebrating her first Grammy Award. Fans immediately noticed what the girl was wearing, and the comments were, as usual, mixed and some were completely uninterested in the fact, others were outraged by the fact that the powerful couple spent more than half a million dollars on a crown made of plastic, while the third were persistent in their claims that it is not the same crown. However, if we remember that Blue Ivy got a Barbie $ 80,000 from her parents earlier, we are not surprised by this purchase.

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