Sky Pool – Largest Floating Acrylic Pool in the World

The latest project, which is really unusual, can be seen in London, where just a few days ago the largest “floating” acrylic pool in the world was presented. Named the Sky Pool, and is located about 35 meters above the ground, connecting the two Embassy Gardens towers on the roofs, and is 25 meters long. From that length, about 15 meters hovers in the air, while tenants who are afraid of heights can enjoy the view that extends from it at either end of the structure, where it resembles two ordinary pools.

The tall Embassy Gardens structure was originally constructed at the Reynolds Institution in Colorado, before being sent to London. In order to prevent the pool from cracking from the bottom under the incredible pressure of the water and the people who will be swimming in it, its bottom has been strengthened and is almost 12 inches thick. Those who are still not very sure about the safety of swimming at that height, must know that this project has been tested several times for the safety of all its users.

Of course, to swim in this pool, you must be a member of the club – all Embassy Gardens residents automatically join the private Eg: Le Club, which gives them access not only to the futuristic pool, but also to many other amenities such as gym, cinema, lodge and numerous others. The price of one apartment in these buildings starts at 1.4 million dollars, and only a few units are still free.

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