How To Take Care Of Your Skin While On A Luxury Travel Holiday

How To Take Care Of Your Skin While On A Luxury Travel Holiday

Going on a luxury holiday is one of the best perks ever that money can buy. Each luxury trip gives you the best that life and the world can offer you: beautiful scenery, posh five-star to seven-star hotels and resorts, exclusivity, spas, and the finest cuisine – all these are at your disposal.

While you may have all the holiday details sorted out, don’t forget your personal care. Going on this luxury travel holiday is also the best time for you to pamper yourself. While you’re enjoying dreamy locations and backdrops, you’ll want to look your best in all the photos.

When going on a luxury travel holiday, take out time to look after your skin. By doing so, you won’t feel stressed about your skin looking dull and unhealthy by the time you have to return home.

Here are some of the best tips for taking care of your skin like a VIP while you’re on a luxury holiday.


Take Time To Enjoy The Hotel Or Resort Spa

Going on a luxurious holiday means that you’ll also be staying at some of the best and most exclusive hotels or resorts where you’re going. With the prices that you’ll be paying, you should be sure of having access to nothing less than the best services that pamper you, such as getting a massage and visiting the spa.

As your holiday progresses, seize the opportunity to experience the spa and a relaxing massage. Yes, it’s going to be an added cost as it can be expensive. However, it’s an expense that’s going to be worth it. How often is it that you can nourish your skin with a face mask of gold?


Never Forget Your Sunscreen

Even when you’re at one of the best beach destinations in the world, it doesn’t mean that your skin won’t suffer from sun exposure. You may have heard this advice too often, but don’t forget the basics. Remember to bring your flawless skin routine with you as you travel, which means packing up enough sunscreen. Always have a tube of your trusted sunscreen on hand, particularly when you plan on spending days at the beach.

Here are other good reasons never to forget your sunscreen:

  • It can help avoid sunburn. Without sunscreen, you’ll have to suffer the uncomfortable effects afterward.
  • When you’re on a luxury holiday, it’s okay to be a little vain by ensuring that your skin is attractive even when you’re enjoying the sun
  • Sunscreen can prevent photoaging, such as the onset of wrinkles and sunspots
  • Sunscreen gives you a healthier-looking tan
  • Sunscreen decreases the risk of skin cancer


Prepare Your Skincare Essentials Beforehand

When you’ve been prescribed medicated skincare by your dermatologist or if your skin is very sensitive, it’s best that you prepare your skincare essentials beforehand. You don’t have to bring large bottles. You can decant these into travel-sized containers of uniform style and shape to keep your beauty bag organized. When you’re in a luxury destination, you won’t want to be burdened with so many big bottles of this and that.

While you’re on a flight, you can also apply a face mask to exfoliate and moisturize your skin and prevent it from drying out. The airline crew may even have skincare essentials available for you to use, particularly if you’re flying business or first class.


Don’t Forget After-Sun Care

Taking good care of your skin when you’re about to bask in the sun for most of the day shouldn’t stop with the application of sunscreen. Don’t forget to give your skin that after-sun TLC that it needs. You also have the choice of going to the resort spa but, before you go, you may also want to apply an after-sun skin-care product that you have with you.

If your resort has a mini-fridge, you may want to leave your beauty gels in there and keep them cool. After a long day in the sun, this will slather on the cool stuff and feel more refreshed than ever.


Consider Going Bare-Faced

Yes, you don’t need to spend an hour each day out of your precious holiday time in a beautiful destination perfecting your makeup. Whenever possible, consider going bare-faced. This lessens your stress, as you don’t have to worry about your makeup looking perfect throughout the day. Instead, you can focus on enjoying the experience while relaxing yourself. Plus, you wouldn’t want to ruin those white five-star hotel sheets with your foundation, would you? It’s gross, and yes, you’ll be charged for that later too.

When you consider using minimal or even zero makeup from time to time, you are also giving your skin time to breathe. Your skin is relaxing as well. Rather than putting on heavy makeup while on your luxury vacation, why not give it that luxury spa pampering treatment at the same time? You know your skin deserves it.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Rather than putting on a lot of makeup, focus on moisturizing, even with only a single skincare product. Your skin will thank you for it. Before you set out on your holiday, invest in an excellent water-based moisturizer. This way, your skin won’t feel icky and sticky when you’re out and about. At the same time, your skin will stay hydrated and fresh, too. This will also help you look even better in photos.

Here are other excellent benefits that you can gain from regularly moisturizing your skin:

  • It prevents the onset of skin problems
  • It prevents skin dryness, particularly when you’re flying for long periods of time
  • It reduces the blemishes that your skin may have
  • It can help slow down the signs of aging
  • It helps your skin look more youthful



When you’re going on a holiday, remember that even in beautiful locations, the sun, wind, and beach can still wreak havoc on your hair and skin. However, a luxury getaway means that you can use this time to give your skin the luxurious treatment it deserves. After all, you probably won’t get many such chances. With these tips, not only will you feel good during your vacation, but you’ll also look like an A-list celebrity when you return home.

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