The 3rd Series of the Best Electric Surfboard by LIFT

The world’s best-selling eFoil company just released its third generation of life enhancing surfboards. The silent, but durable, LIFT3 is the newest electric surfboard that founder Nick Leason has made an option to those who want to explore the world’s greatest bodies of water without limitations.

LIFT eFoil is such an innovative company that they allow customization of any board. It’s easy steering with Bluetooth handle assist anyone, even those with disabilities, to control their surfboard at ease. Starting at $11,995, the LIFT3 comes in four different sizes: 4’2” Pro, 4’9” Sport, 5’4” Cruiser, and the 5’9” Explorer. All these options provide a ride time of up to 100 minutes and up to 60 minutes if using LIFT’s “Light Battery. Their marbled carbon fiber parts allow for withstanding extreme temperatures.

Originally, surfboarding with a disability would require a second partner to swim with on the same board. Transporting the surfboard from land to water would also require a second partner due to the non-electrical board being taller and heavier. The LIFT3 cancels all of this out as the electric motor and shortened height remove the heavy lifting annoyances. Even though the eFoil is lighter, it still has enough strength to carry two enthusiastic water lovers.

Whether you want to show off your brand new, no-effort, surfing skills to your friends or just cruise through Biscayne Bay unheard to capture school of fishes swimming by, the LIFT3 is the perfect board to do just that.

Financing is available through LIFT eFoil for qualifying buyers at 0% APR for 12 months. To purchase, just visit:

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