Audi Grandsphere

Even as technological changes shoot up through the sky, the importance of creating a human-centric design is just as crucial. Working on this very idea, the makers of Audi Grandsphere have introduced a concept that is a beautiful amalgamation of technology and human-centric design. This futuristic design solves the right issues with the best technologies integrating innovation through the years. This luxe sedan is an epic re-imagination of riding “Private Jet on the Road.” This spacious and chic electric sedan features interiors that represent elegance in its best form. Audi Grandsphere is based on an adjustable driving style to provide the riders with a personalized experience.

The car also provides a self-driving experience by retracting the pedals and steering wheel while you enjoy the minimalistic living room set up with woolen textures and wood trim designs. Moreover, this opulent car projects the car’s OS on the wooden dashboard located below the windshield as opposed to the standard screen design. Once youare well-rested, simply give the command, and the car’s manual control would simply pop up to let you take charge. In the series of 3, the 17.6 feet long Audi Grandsphere is the 2nd concept car brought into the market by its German maker.

The car reinvents mobility with a sleek and modish-looking convertible design that features an easy-to-adjust chassis. The term “Sphere” used by Audi represents 3 features and not four which is standard with Audi’s logo. Audi Grandsphere has introduced a level four autonomy to help the self-drive feature with zero human interventions (except certain conditions). The car’s stretched-out design doesn’t fall under the customary sedan look. The new wheelbase is way longer than Audi 8. The makers also hint at the Sportback tradition with its sleek sloping arc. The interior is emphatically horizontal to introduce a sense of wider breadth and openness. To add to this feeling, the makers have introduced large glass-based surfaces with streamlined windows geometry.

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